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National Democratic Party

About Us



The National Democratic Party was established in 1998 to contest the 1999 General elections. It is now over 20 years old and of the six elections that it has contested, it has won three of them, a proud electoral history. 

In the 2019 Elections, the Party won 3 seats in the House of Assembly and Hon. Marlon A. Penn took on the role as the Leader of the Opposition. However, the Party was further destabilized by the crossing of the floor of one member to join the ruling Virgin Islands Party. The torch is still carried by Hon. Penn and Hon. Mark Vanterpool, but Hon. Vanterpool stated his desire to retire from active politics once this term ends. Hon. Penn continued to bear the leadership of the Party and assembled a team of strategic advisers around him to plan for the 2023 General Elections.

Over the last four years, this team has revisited all of the policy positions of the Party, in addition to introducing new ones, in preparation for a return to governing the Virgin Islands.

Our Vision

To transform the Virgin Islands into one of the best places in the world to live and visit; and to set a foundation that each successive generation can build upon to crystallise their own vision for the Virgin Islands.

Our Mission

To utilise the collective competencies of the NDP Team, in partnership with all who live here, to usher in an unprecedented period of transformation of our governance, social and economic institutions, and our infrastructure.

- National Democratic Party -

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