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Press Release: Hon. Marlon Penn hails NDP's Launch as a Huge Success



19 March 2023 - Chairman of the National Democratic Party (NDP), Honourable Marlon Penn has hailed the NDP’s launch of its Electoral Candidates a huge success.

“Last evening, I was pleased to lead the National Democratic Party team, as we successfully launched our campaign for the 2023 election season. My team is competent, committed, thoughtful and passionate, and this was evident by the presentations which were well received by our large support base” Honourable Penn said of his NDP Candidates’ Launch and Pep Rally.

On 18th March, the National Democratic Party presented a slate of 9 candidates who will be contesting the elections under the NDP banner. The NDP candidates are

a strong mix of candidates with experience, competence, and integrity, in business, government and as former legislators. Five of The National Democratic Party’s candidates will compete in Districts 3,4,6,7, and 9 with four (4) candidates contesting the Territorial At-Large seats.

In a powerful statement, The NDP’s Chairman and 8th District Representative outlined his party’s record of accomplishments cementing the fact that the “NDP has always been a party of action”. The Chairman welcomed and thanked the large crowd and party base for their continued support of the Party.

He went on to point out a number of important actions and initiatives that the Party accomplished in its previous governing terms, which have helped to enrich the lives of Virgin Islanders and advance the Territory’s development.

Hon. Penn in his address, laid out his party’s plans for the Territory under the theme, “New Vision, New Mission, New Solutions”.

He set out that the party’s vision is “to transform the Virgin Islands into one of the best places in the world to live and visit; and to set a foundation that each successive generation can build upon to manifest their own vision for the Virgin Islands.”

He further expressed the party’s mission “to utilise the collective competencies of the NDP team, in partnership with all who live here, to usher in an unprecedented period of transformation of our governance, social and economic institutions, and our infrastructure.”

He went on to set out detailed solutions for delivering on the National Democratic Party’s vision and mission.

In a rare move not usually seen by BVI political parties, Penn also delivered details on how an elected NDP Government would fund their proposed projects, initiatives, and other solutions, through a simple and clear 3-point formula to “Raise Revenue, Cut Costs, and Borrow Responsibly.”

Honourable Penn concluded his address by telling listeners that the “The National Democratic Party’s vision is clear; our mission is focused, and our solutions are practical.”

Reminding listeners that “The National Democratic Party is still the best hope for our [The Territory’s] future, Penn punctuated his powerful speech by asking voters to go the polls on election day and vote for “A NEW VISION, A NEW MISSION, and NEW SOLUTIONS.”

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