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Dr. Sandy Harrigan-UnderhillNDP BVI Solutions
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Dr. Sandy Harrigan-Underhill | District 4

A most capable leader you can't ignore. Proven leadership you deserve!


Dr. Sandy Harrigan-Underhill is the National Democratic Party's Candidate for the 4th District. She believes that strong leadership is what the city needs and she is fired up and ready to go to work.

She is, amongst other notable roles, a mother, youth and community leader, educator, former Miss BVI (1986), transformational leader and a visionary.

Her professional background includes:

- First Director (Institute of Education at HLSCC, January 2022 to current);

-Strategic Change Management Consultant (July 2018 to present);

-Transformational Leader (Elmore Stoutt High School. Sept 2014 to Jan 2019).


Click here for more information on Dr Sandy Harrigan-Underhill, including her solutions for District 4.

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Dr Sandy Harrigan-Underhill

NDP BVI Solutions

Dr Sandy Harrigan-Underhill

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